Welcome to the FootyFit Football Training Community
Welcome to the FootyFit Football Training Community

What is FootyFit?

We create epic programs to inspire all young footy players

FOOTYFIT Football is your training community to improve your skills, fitness, creating a learning environment that gives girls the confidence to take our football to any level we put our mind to.

You can purchase your FOOTYFIT e-Book today or book a FOOTYFIT HIIT classes at your clubs or schools.


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Weekly Sessions Volume Running, Change of Direction & Speed, Strength Program, FOOTYFIT HIIT, Kicking & Craft Drills.


Work out at home, a gym or the footy oval- all you need is a football your phone, tablet or computer.



Our training programs are tailored to all ages, and fitness levels with special features to make life off the field a little easier in this busy world.



Start a conversation that extends beyond AFL Football and extends into culture, specifically, self-worth, health, travel and women leadership.

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At FOOTYFIT we are pumped to entertain you for a day in the life of an elite footballer!

First and foremost, we focus on our positive mindset then tackle functional training, skill development healthy recipes to grow and learning to listen to our body.

Bring your friends and get ready to make new ones. We’ll discover new sights, sounds and tastes through an elite footballers eyes.

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FOOTYFIT is a 45min team-based high intensity training session that places a huge emphasis on motivation, football specificity and innovation. Get ready to work across all energy systems — working hard on battle ropes, then move into fast footwork through cones, sprints then onto footy drills.


Our classes can be adapted to all age and skill levels


Elite Footballers and fitness leaders

We Come 2 u

Each class runs for 1 hour with the last 15mins being a #healthyfooty recovery chat and cool down.

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